Our Mission:

To create lasting memories, while putting our best paw forward.

About St. Pupper's

Our mission is what drives us to reimagine the current state of celebrating the lives of our furry companions, while making a positive impact within the community at large. We do that by simplifying and modernizing the memorial designing and purchasing experience, by providing high quality memorials exclusively manufactured within the USA, and by contributing to organizations that foster humane relationships filled with compassion and respect towards our animal friends.

Dog in lion costume

Reimagining the industry

The passing of a beloved pet is a very somber time for families. During this time, emotions are at an all time high - and it's no secret that businesses within this industry will use these emotions to get families to purchase memorials with an outrageous price tag, with no added quality to the end product. Our goal is to provide you an enjoyable experience, from designing to receiving their memorial within the comfort of your home - without the high pressure salesperson wringing you dry. That's our promise.

Made in the USA

We're proud to say that imaging your custom designs onto your chosen memorial happens here in the USA. We believe in the spirit and quality of American manufacturing. Additionally, we do not believe in cutting corners just to fulfill an order. We take pride in the service that we provide to the families of animals and by doing so stay true to our mission.

Dog in front of American flag
Cat high-fiving a human hand

Social impact

St. Pupper's currently donates 10% of our profits to the Best Friends Animal Society. We play an active role in fostering more humane relationships, and are always on the look out for other sponsorship oppurtunities to further forward our pro-animal agenda. Interested in partnering with us? E-mail us.

So what are you waiting for?